Liquid Gold Bond A Weav claims it’s formula holds “5X stronger and longer, dries clear than any other product on the market”.

Now, let’s put their claim to the test.

Quick weave’s, despite the style, are commonly applied using some sort of hair bonding agent. Depending on the quality of the hair extensions, the color, the length, and the desired style, there are many different types of hair bonding glues one can choose from.

According to the directions on the bottle itself, before you begin applying Liquid Gold Bond A Weav your hair must be oil free. It’s recommended you achieve this by using a cleansing shampoo (repeat). Do not use conditioner as it will add oils to your hair.

Once your hair has dried thoroughly it’s time to start the bonding process. Due to the fact there are several different ways to apply hair extensions using the bonding method. I’ll be testing the Liquid Gold Bond A Weav glue using the different methods.

human hair extensionsI’d first like to point out there are three different sizes of Liquid Gold Bond A Weav. One .5 Fl. oz. glass bottle, a 1. Fl. oz. glass bottle and a 2. Fl. oz. plastic bottle. Both glass bottles are similar to a nail polish bottle.

I have purchased all three bottles and in my experience, the glass bottles  of Liquid Gold Bond A Weav tend to dry out easily and after the first application the brush itself becomes hard from dried glue and therefore useless.

The plastic bottle does not have a brush to apply the product but is a squeeze bottle. After using the glass bottle and having them all dry out on me after the first application, (regardless of how tight I screwed the cap back on) I was excited to see they made a squeeze bottle.

Although the squeeze bottle of Liquid Gold Bond A Weav is much easier to apply.

You have to use a lot of force in order to get the product out. The squeeze bottle only comes in the largest size of 2.0 Fl. oz. I’ve also noticed that even after a month, the glue does not dry out in the plastic bottle at all.

After my latest install, my hands and knuckles were sore from squeezing the bottle. I then noticed if I made the hole slightly larger the product could flow out faster but still requires quite a bit of force.

Some woman on Youtube use the Liquid Gold Bond A Weav bonding glue with a syringe. Once perfected, this method is quite effective.

I’ve used Liquid Gold Bond A Weav to bond human hair weft extensions directly onto my own hair to add volume. Unlike the commonly used black or white latex bonding glue that can be purchased at any beauty supply store, Liquid Gold Bond A Weav claims that it’s hold will not loosen when it gets wet.

I can tell you firsthand this claim is true. The day after I added human hair extensions to add volume, I was thrown into a pool and yes, my entire head got wet.

Ladies, we all know that black latex bonding glue once it gets wet, not only smells bad but gets loose immediately. I was amazed to see that not only did the Liquid Gold Bond A Weav not omit an odor. It kept it’s bond so tight that after I jumped in the pool many times, washed, conditioned and blow dried my hair, the glue did not lose it’s bond.

This style, bonded directly onto my natural hair, did last 5X longer than the previous glue I was using. Plus, I can get Liquid Gold Bond A Weav wet without the fear of my hair floating behind me. :-P

The next style I tried was with a wig cap and self adhesive ace bandage. I am 100% natural and only straighten my hair about twice a year. I actually ran out of wig caps and thought if I could use the ace bandage with a lace front wig why not with a quick weave.

The Liquid Gold Bond A Weav glue adhered so well to the both the wig cap and in some places the ace bandage. I did have to use hair pins, two in the back, and one on each side of my temple in order to prevent the ace bandage from moving underneath.

The areas where the extensions were glued directly to my natural hair stayed bonded just as well as the first application.

Even after more than 5 weeks all I had to do was remove the hair pins and apply Liquid Gold Bond A Weav Quick & Easy Dissolver.

Both times, the style I chose was an invisible part. It’s imperative the glue used for this style dries clear so my part doesn’t look like a dry flaky mess. I noticed when I used a little too much Liquid Gold Bond A Weav product, that it did dry white. I then noticed when not so much glue was used the glue does indeed dry clear.liquid gold bond a weav

Compared to the black or white latex based glue I usually buy at my local beauty supply for $1.99.

Liquid Gold’s Bond A Weav .5 Fl. oz. (glass bottle) is $3.49 , the 1. Fl. oz. is (glass bottle) $5.25 and the largest size at 2. Fl. oz. is (plastic squeeze bottle) $7.50.

If the .5 Fl. oz bottle did not dry out on me, I guess I could have gotten 3-4 applications using it.

In my experience, I can say that overall the Liquid Gold Bond A Weav hair bonding glue does live up to its claims. It does bond hair extensions with 5X the hold than most commonly used products. It can get wet, literally soaked, and still keep its hold. It also doesn’t have any strange odors when dried and when used carefully, does dry clear.

Have you used Liquid Gold Bond A Weav or just want to say hello? Post your feedback below! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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